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Course Rates:  
professional Lesson
Group Lessons
$35 per student/class

**Private Package Plans** (Purchase online )
Four Package Plan $410 - Four (4) Private lessons

**add a skateboard, full pads, helmet with the package**Locations:
, NY
Central Park @ 76th & 5th Ave Houston St/6th AveTribecaChelsea Pier Battery City •72st riverside drive

121st skatepark fdr

cooper parkwilliamsburg

What you will learn:
Beginner Courses
Learn how to ride on a skateboard,
proper form and posture, turning left and right,
acceleration and stopping.

Introduction to skateboarding safety. How
to use your Pads. what to do when falling on a skateboard.
Learn how to Ride off curbs ,tic taks,Manuals. Intermediate Courses
Learn how to do kick turns, 5050grinds,
drop ins, rock to fakie, nose stalls, and more!

Advanced Courses
Learn how to ollie , nollie, heelflip, kickflips,
shove it and other advanced techniques!
> Complete equipment rental available for $15

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